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Cofoundry is an unobtrusive ASP.NET Core CMS focused on code-first development and user-friendly content management. Run integrated, decoupled or headless, it's your choice.

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Made for .NET developers

Tools you know

Tools you know

Cofoundry is there when you want it and gets out of your way when you don't. Get back to writing regular .NET code you love and enjoy complete freedom with your front-end technology and designs.

Flexible to your needs

Flexible to your needs

We understand that every application is different. Cofoundry is an adaptable framework that let's you swap in your preferred tools and scale up your architecture when you need it.

Customize and extend

Customize and extend

DI is at the heart of Cofoundry which makes it really easy to override any implementation. Plugins are easily installed via Nuget, but it’s also simple to inject your own custom implementation.

User Optimized Content Management

Clean & Simple

CMS administration interfaces are often built to serve both developers and content editors which leads them to be complicated and full of jargon. Cofoundry uses a code-first development approach which allows us to optimize both the developer and content editing experience without having to compromise on either.

An example of editing a code-based data model in the admin panel

Inline Content Editing

Inline content editing makes it easy to visualize changes, while form fields are decorated with help descriptions to assist data entry. Roles and permissions can be used to lock down features and hide them from users that don't need to see them.

An example of how you can edit a code-defined razor template in the visual editor


Cofoundry is aimed at developers who love to code and be productive using .NET. We want you to spend less time implementing boring boilerplate code and give you more time to do the work you enjoy and provide value to your clients. We acknowledge diversity in development methodologies and project scope and endeavor to provide a tool set that you feel empowered by rather than restricted by.

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Whilst we could describe Cofoundry as a CMS, content management is really just one component in a more fundamental toolset. We aim to keep everything opt-in, so you can just take what you need.



Manage pages, templates, images, documents and more

Custom entities

Custom Entities

Define entities in code and get apis and CRUD management for free

Roles and permissions

Roles & Permissions

Configurable roles and permissions enforced at the api level

User management

User Management

Multi-area user management allowing custom user areas for customers

Azure ready

Azure Ready

Implementations for Azure services via a plugin

DI everywhere

DI Everywhere

Easily swap in your own components or change behaviour through plugins



Email templating framework & plugins for background mail queuing and resilient sending

Auto update


Automatically run version updates using SQL scripts and .NET classes

Framework Toolkit

Framework Toolkit

The base toolset includes our CQS framework, message aggregator, caching, error logging, html sanitization and much more

Looking for support?

We are working on a range of support packages which we will launch along with our 1.0 release. If you're an early adopter and wish to discuss support options, please get in touch.

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