Our SPA sample was one of the original sample apps we created when we open sourced Cofoundry. The front-end was quickly thrown together to demonstrate one of the ways you could connect to Cofoundry from a SPA app but it was a bit rough around the edges and the framework we chose, backbone.js, hasn't aged well in the world of modern SPA frameworks.

The sample has now been updated to use Vue.js as the SPA framework and this has allowed us to simplify and better separate the front-end code from the rest of the app. This makes it easier to see the separation between the WebAPI code and the client application.

We've also taken the opportunity to neaten up the layout, but never fear, it's still the same not-so-serious cat-rating app as before!

Cat App

You can check out the updated sample in the repository on GitHub. Please let us know if you have any feedback.