We've just released Cofoundry 0.1.5 which fixes a number of minor bugs and adds a couple of new features. We've also added a new Sample Project demonstrating page module types.


  • #30 You can now customize the view model types used by Cofoundry. Custom View Model docs here
  • #86 New data model attributes added: PageAttribute, PageCollectionAttribute and WebDirectoryAttribute. A new sample project Cofoundry.Samples.PageModules has been added to demonstrate this being used to create several page module types.

Bug Fixes

  • #71 Visual Editor: Logo css style needs to be namespaced
  • #72 Html Editor: Add image popup styling
  • #68 Page/Version/Entity: Remove title column
  • #79 Can't complete setup
  • #83 ImageAssetCollection: Select button is never enabled