Welcome to the Cofoundry developer documentation.

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Getting Started

If you're new to Cofoundry we'd recommend starting with the Overview to get an idea of what the CMS can do and how it all fits together.

This sections also contains information on Sample Projects, an installation guide and information on publishing and deployment

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Content Management

Cofoundry is primarily a CMS and this section covers all the content manageable aspects of the platform such as pages, images and documents as well as our flexible custom entity system.

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The content management features of Cofoundry are built on a base framework of tools that you can use to rapidly build out your application using a structured and modular methodology.

This includes documentation features such as mail, roles & permissions and background tasks as well as lower level elements such as our CQS implementation, data access APIs and auto-update framework.

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Admin Panel

This section contains information on customizing and extending the admin panel.

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Cofoundry is built on a modular and extensible base framework that allows you to build and distribute plugins that are easily installed via Nuget. In this section you'll find a list of official plugins as well as information on creating and installing plugins

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This is a section of reference documentation such as lists of common config settings and subscribable messages (events)

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