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Dashboard Customization

Cofoundry currently supports only basic customization of the admin panel dashboard, allowing you to replace the content with custom html. We intend to develop more advanced features in a future release, so if you want to contribute suggestions please check out Issue #150.

Replacing the default content

To replace the default dashboard content simply add an html file to the following path in your project: /Cofoundry/Admin/Dashboard/Dashboard.html.

This html file replaces the content area of the dashboard, so for example you could replace the default content with an introduction and some quick links:


    Welcome to the admin panel for our site.
    Here's some links to get you started:
    <li><a href="/admin/pages#/new">Add a page</a></li>
    <li><a href="/admin/images#/new">Add an image</a></li>
    <li><a href="/admin/products">View products</a></li>


For complete control over the html content that gets added you can override the default IDashboardContentProvider implementation using hte DI system.

using Cofoundry.Domain;
using Microsoft.AspNetCore.Html;
using System.Threading.Tasks;

public class ExampleDashboardContentProvider : IDashboardContentProvider
    private readonly IUserRepository _userRepository;
    public ExampleDashboardContentProvider(
        IUserRepository userRepository
        _userRepository = userRepository;

    public async Task<IHtmlContent> GetAsync()
        var user = await _userRepository.GetCurrentUserDetailsAsync();

        // Just some examples of changing the content depending on user properties
        // You could also load in an external file using IResourceLocator, which is
        // what the default provider does.
        if (user.Role.IsSuperAdministrator)
            return new HtmlString("<h2>Hello Super Admin!</h2>"); 

        return new HtmlString($"<h2>Hello { user.Username }!</h2>");