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JSON Configuration

Note: Cofoundry currently uses JSON.NET and configures the default ASP.NET Core parser to use JSON.NET. Once .NET 6 is released we intend to move to the new System.Text.Json parser for Cofoundry, and make any changes to the default parser opt-in.

Cofoundry default JSON settings

Cofoundry uses a customized set of JSON.NET JsonSerializerSettings including:

  • Camel case property naming
  • A slightly tweaked DateFormatString that fixes a parsing issue in AngularJS: "yyyy'-'MM'-'dd'T'HH':'mm':'ss.fffK"
  • Additional converters such as StringEnumConverter and HtmlStringJsonConverter

You can access these settings by requesting either of these classes from the DI resolver:

  • JsonSerializerSettings: A singleton instance of the Cofoundry defaults
  • IJsonSerializerSettingsFactory: A factory that can be used to create new instances of the Cofoundry default JsonSerializerSettings or can be used to apply the default configuration to an existing JsonSerializerSettings instance.

ASP.NET & JsonConvert defaults

The Cofoundry JsonSerializerSettings are also applied as the default settings for both JSON.NET and ASP.NET.

Cofoundry uses these settings in isolation and so it is safe to change the JSON.NET or ASP.NET defaults if you need to without breaking Cofoundry.

This can be done in your startup.cs file in the ConfigureServices method by re-applying the AddNewtonsoftJson configuration after Cofoundry has been added:

public void ConfigureServices(IServiceCollection services)
        .AddNewtonsoftJson(o =>
            // e.g. reset the contract resolver to use PascalCase.
            o.SerializerSettings.ContractResolver = new DefaultContractResolver();
            JsonConvert.DefaultSettings = () => o.SerializerSettings;

Enhancing the Cofoundry default JSON configuration

If you need to enhance the default Cofoundry JsonSerializerSettings, you will need to override IJsonSerializerSettingsFactory with your own implementation.

It's important that your implementation inherits from our own DefaultJsonSerializerSettingsFactory, so that the base settings required for Cofoundry to function are preserved.

using Cofoundry.Core.DependencyInjection;
using Cofoundry.Core.Json.Overridable;
using Newtonsoft.Json;

public class ExampleDependencyRegistration : IDependencyRegistration
    public void Register(IContainerRegister container)
        // IJsonSerializerSettingsFactory should be registered as Singleton lifetime
        var overrideOptions = RegistrationOptions.Override();
        overrideOptions.Lifetime = InstanceLifetime.Singleton;

        container.Register<IJsonSerializerSettingsFactory, JsonSerializerSettingsFactory>(overrideOptions);

public class JsonSerializerSettingsFactory : DefaultJsonSerializerSettingsFactory
    public override JsonSerializerSettings Configure(JsonSerializerSettings settings)
        // Ensure default Cofoundry settings are applied

        settings.Converters.Add(new ExampleConverter());

        return settings;