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User Settings

Global user settings

User settings can be configured globally using the standard ASP.NET configuration system e.g. by adding configuration settings to your app.config file. Modifying settings in this way affects all user areas, including the Cofoundry admin panel user area, unless otherwise stated in the documentation. A full list of permissions can be found in the common config settings section, but categories include:

  • AccountRecovery: Configures the behavior of the self-service account recovery feature
  • Authentication: Configures security parameters for authentication.
  • AccountVerification: Configures the behavior of the account verification feature. Note that the Cofoundry admin panel does not support an account verification flow and therefore these settings do not apply.
  • Cleanup: Configures the background task that runs to clean up stale user data.
  • Cookies: Configures the auth cookie
  • EmailAddress: Configures the default email address validation rules.
  • Password: Configures the default password policy.
  • Username: Configures the default username validation rules.


  "Cofoundry": {
    "Users": {
      "Password": {
        "MinLength": 12,
        "MinUniqueCharacters": 5
      "AccountRecovery": {
        "ExpireAfter": "01:00:00"
      "Username": {
        "AllowAnyDigit": false,
        "AdditionalAllowedCharacters": "-."

Customizing a user area settings via IUserAreaDefinition

Modifying settings for a specific user area can be done in the ConfigureOptions(UserAreaOptions) method in your definition class. In this example we increase the minimum number of unique characters required in a password to 6:

using Cofoundry.Domain;

public class MemberUserArea : IUserAreaDefinition
    public const string Code = "MEM";

    public string UserAreaCode => Code;

    public string Name => "Member";

    public bool AllowPasswordSignIn => true;

    // other properties removed for brevity

    public void ConfigureOptions(UserAreaOptions options)
        options.Password.MinUniqueCharacters = 6;