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A user area is an isolated grouping of user accounts that allows you to build custom areas for your signed up users such as a members or customers. All user areas share the same infrastructure and features, but are partitioned to provide a strong level of isolation. They also benefit from separate configuration profiles, so you can have different roles, security policies and registration requirements.

The Cofoundry admin panel is itself a user area and so you benefit from the same level of security and features we use ourselves such as roles, permissions, password recovery and auditing.

In this section:

  • Samples: The best way to learn about user areas is to have a look at one of our sample projects.
  • Defining a User Area: Register your user area by creating a definition class.
  • The Ambient User Area: Understand the "ambient" user area and how it affects the context of the currently signed in user.
  • Controlling Access: Learn how to lock down access to the content in a user area.
  • Data APIs: Documentation on the wide range of data access APIs available.
  • Configuration: Customize the configuration of your user area.